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GrabVidz is a utility that allows users to download the instagram videos, IGTV videos, Images and stories. You can also Download Videos, MP3 from almost all Social Media Platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, Likee, SoundCloud etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well! It depends on the OS of the device you are using, whether it has Windows or Mac. The videos are saved in the download folder.

You can press Ctrl+Jand access the downloads of your browser from there you can open the folder containing your saved files.

You can follow our How to Download and Save Instagram Videos guide.

Yes indeed nearly in future we will be adding an extension, our developers are working on it.

Most commonly used format like MP4 and JPEG are served.

Yes, it supports mobile devices—currently, it’s working on Android and iOS.

Instagrams’s servers host all videos. GrabVidz doesn’t store videos. Also, tracking the download history of users is not our interest, thus make GrabVidz anonymous.


  • Fixes and optimization of code
  • Instagram Updates
  • Added Support

Upgraded servers to have alternative download method enabled

How to Download Instagram Videos?

Indeed, its an easy to use online tool to download files from Instagram. You have to repeat these three steps.

Copy the link of the desired image or video
Copy the URL/Link

Open the desired page of Instagram and Copy the URL or Link by hitting the three-dots in the top right corner.

Paste the copied URL in the bar
Paste in the Bar

Put the copied URL or Link in the address bar of the GrabVidz and press the download button on the right side of the bar.

Press downlaod button and save the files
Downlaod the Files

The download button will appear in the grabbed panel. You can save Instagram Images, Videos, IGTV Videos, Stories, and Gifs.

What is GrabVidz?

GrabVidz is an online free video downloading utility that facilitates its users to get the videos from Instagram at excellent ease. You can get the videos downloaded from any device like a Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, or PC. Windows, iOS, and Android are known platforms to support GrabsInstagram Utility.

Hence, We have plans for apk app versions of this tool in google store. A bundle of requests urge us to develop the extension for Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera browsers, we are working on it. However, it’s working fine on all operating systems and devices.

To download the videos, copy the link in the bar and use the “Download” button to get the video formats and download it.

Likewise, you can also download Private videos, Images, Gifs, Stories, and IGTV videos from the Instagram platform.  You can copy the required content link in the GrabVidz and save the files. Pinterest, SoundCloud, Likee, TikTok, Facebook are also supported platforms.

You will find this tool quite handy and useful. It provides you the videos in MP4 720p HD Quality, images in JPEG formats, respectively. We have also explained in a very detailed step by step procedure if you follow our How to Download Instagram Videos guides.

There is no need to create an account with our website, you can use it without login, and it’s a free tool. Feel free to rate us on our Facebook page if you consider us as the best Instagram video downloader; this gesture of kindness will be much valuable for us. Thank you!

How It Works?

Scrolling your Instagram feed and suddenly came across a mind-blowing video? I know what is going to happen next. Now, you want to download this video because you want to share it on Whatsapp and other social media apps, but you cannot download it because the Instagram app doesn’t allow it. It would be best if you had an Instagram video downloader. If you face the same problem and want an immediate solution, you are in the right place!

 The Internet is swamped with Instagram video downloaders, where you can download Instagram videos that you found impressive. But if you are out of time or don’t want to watch long boring youtube videos, this article would provide you with a to-the-point modern solution to your current problem. Just give this article a read.

What is an Instagram Video Downloader?​

An Instagram video downloader allows you to download all the Instagram media. Most downloaders will enable you only to download the videos, but you can also download pictures and IGTV videos from Instagram.

There are two major types of Instagram Video Downloaders. One is the web-based downloader. You open Instagram, copy the link, paste it on the web, and click download. Four simple steps and your favorite video that was on your feed is now in your gallery! The other one is the downloading app. All you need to do is download the app from the app store or play store and follow the same method.

Format and Platforms

Instagram video downloaders provide services for MP4 and JPEG formats. They not only run smoothly on the browsers but are also compatible with smartphones. It supports the platforms of Android as well as IOS.

These downloaders are kept simple so that users find it easy. Still, problems occur. Most of the downloaders are unable to download videos from private Instagram accounts. For this purpose, private Instagram video downloaders are also available.

Supported Websites

Instagram Video Downloaders are anonymous.

Instagram Downloader is a fast, anonymous, and free tool. They work anonymously, which means that they do not keep a copy of the user’s videos. The history of downloads is never recorded as it is against the community’s guidelines. You don’t have to create an account to get benefit from its services. All you need to do is open it on a browser, download the app, and get direct access to the media. These downloaders also provide an option where you can add an extension to your browser. This makes downloading on your laptop or PC way easier.

Instagram and Facebook

As Facebook owns Instagram, some people would try to use the tools used to download Facebook videos. It might be disappointing, but let me make it straightforward for those people; it won’t work! Every tool is designed, keeping in view the demands of the application.

This article provides necessary information about the trending Instagram video downloaders. These tools are perfect for beginners. They are not only authentic but are easy-to-use.