Instagram Facts! You Don’t Know.

Instagram Facts


Instagram is an app that allows a user to upload information or content in the form of
images, videos or links in their personal and business accounts to build up their followers.
Instagram is one of the most known apps in mobile phones because it enables its user to take
pictures and videos and share on a variety of social networking platforms such as Facebook,
Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Image sharing is quicker than text sharing and getting in contact with the
general population.


Instagram was first emerged as a Burbn check-in app in San-Francisco by KEVIN
SYSTROM and MIKE KRIEGER to share images, but with time Burbn was too similar for
Foursquare then creators focused on the app and invent Instagram as social networking app for
sharing of content personally and socially. It was originally launched on iOS on October 2, 2010.
It was designed originally for the iOS operating system but now it has been evolved as a multi-
platform social network.

Purpose Of Instagram:

Instagram is an entirely sole app to build up followers by sharing images, videos, and
locations. It is a visual platform, unlike Facebook which relies both on text
and images, or Twitter which relies on text alone. In short, the purpose of Instagram was to find
and follow the content which a user wants to. Also, it is a simple and easiest way of liking and
commenting on personal feedback.
Objectives of Instagram:

The main objective of the app

  1.  To Build up followers.
  2.  To share images, videos, and other content both officially and personally.
  3. Enables all the brand users to socially introduce their brands and services to build up their followers.
  4. To share location.
  5. To receive feedback or response from the follower.
  6. To deal with or to communicate with followers.
  7.  Enable users to explore different Instagram users.

Features of Instagram:

Following are the features of Instagram

Web Profile:

It allows the user to use their account on a social platform like other social apps Facebook,
Twitter, etc.

Instagram Direct:

It allows the user to send the files only to a specific follower means to contact personally to the

Lux Effect:

It enables the user to control the brightness while editing a photograph.

Explore Tab:

where a user can search for other users or any kind of content according to their desire.

Photographic filters:

The effects which a user can use or apply to the photograph. Some of the photographic filters

  • *Kelvin
  • *Mayfair
  • *Valencia
  • *Walden
  • *Sierra

Instagram by Numbers:

It has been emerging as one of the most used social networking apps. The number of users
continues o grow day-by-day. Following are the top ten countries
using this app;

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. Brazil
  4. Indonesia
  5. Russia
  6. Turkey
  7. Japan
  8. Mexico
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Germany

Almost 3.1% of the total population counted using Instagram accounts. The majority of them
were men.

The teen-aged youngsters from age 18-24 were the largest user group(3,09,000). At least half of
the users spend 260aprx. in visiting the sites daily.

The site engagement rate on it is 15 times more than other social sites. Brand engagements are
5.5 times more than others. The business advertisement has gained
the most important place in their popularity. Most advertised business on it is:

  1. Fashion
  2. Athleisure
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Auto
  5. Food
  6. The most popular brand on the app are:
  7. Nike(90M)
  8. Victoria Secret(68M)
  9. Huda Beauty(38)
  10. Chanel (36)
  11. Gucci(35.6)
  12. Zara(34)
  13. Louis Vuitton(33)
  14. Dior(26.6)
  15. Adidas(24)
  16. Mac(22)

Reason to use Instagram for Business:

Major reasons are as follows:

  • Brand enhancement
  • Showing Visual Marketing
  • one’s Inner capabilities
  • Productivity
  • Promotion of Quotes(Golden words)
  • Easy sharing, negotiation, and dealing with Customer
  • Sharing through Image and videos
  • Easy Sharing on other social networks
  • The easiest way to get feedback from customers
  • To successfully create #hashtag for their brand or company

Advantages :

As technology has taken business and social networking much easy through social media.
Valuable marketing has been establishing day-by-day and has gained much popularity in
different areas of business. This social media network has the following benefits:

  • More Business and Consumers day-by-day
  • Easy way Target and (Re target) your audience
  • Has high engagement rates
  • Great and easy way to introduce a brand.
  • Expression of innate abilities


  • As social networking has vast benefits but it also has some drawback which is as follows:
  • Low conversational rate
  • Strict rules for brand enhancement.
  • Cannot have limitation to Direct message
  • Ca isn’t available to everyone.
  • Increasing the rate of Scamming.


This social media is much helpful for social networking of business and brand advertisement but
it also consumes much time. It is more beneficial for the expression of talent.

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